Family owned, Family operated!

In 1972, Andrew Metlege, one of the most respected and prominent real estate developers in the Halifax Regional Municipality, established a family company that was to set a new standard for Halifax apartment rental property development and management in metro Halifax and Nova Scotia.  Andrew has since been joined by his sons Joe and Matthew Metlege who work side by side in the daily operations of the Templeton portfolio.

With over 40+ years of experience, Templeton Properties is one of the most prestigious and largest developers & residential property owners in Nova Scotia, which means we oversee every aspect of the development of our apartment rental units in Halifax, with an expert eye, from construction to maintenance.

We not only manage our apartments for rent in Halifax, we own them, so you can trust us to always have the right people on hand and to maintain our rental buildings to the highest standard.

We care about our apartment rental units, but even more so about the people who rent them. You're our first priority.

Our courteous staff and knowledgeable management make our tenants feel like royalty, responding to their requests with diligence and punctuality.